RAENBOW Theatre Productions Glasgow

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Raenbow Theatre School is dedicated to inspiring 5-18 year olds through drama and vocal performance workshops.

Raenbow childrens theatre School is unique - we are not necessarily looking to create the stars of tomorrow, we are not looking to push students on stage – we are dedicated to making sure each student grows in confidence and ability and that our students feel safe and enjoy every moment of their time at Raenbow. We are a community led children’s theatre company that is focused on making sure the students get the most out of each class.

Children of all ages and ability are welcome, there is no audition process and the focus is on allowing each student to develop in their own unique way. Theatre classes are spilt by age to make sure students feel comfortable and confident: for an outline of all the theatre classes click here

The theatre classes are presented as a series of workshops specifically designed for students at the Raenbow Theatre School. The workshops offer a full range of drama and performance skills, including:

Classes run on Monday and Tuesday evenings at Baljaffray Parish Church – please see schedule below for times of each children's theatre class.

What will students gain from being part of Raenbow?
Drama is a creative subject, encouraging students to improve their fluency and command of the language, and achieve an understanding of the society they live in. It is an activity which encourages confidence and sensitivity, and which gives satisfaction by continually improving standards.
The aim of our workshops is to develop both ability in and enjoyment of drama through specific exercises: to extend imagination by exploring ideas and situations created by the pupils themselves and developing basic skills as an actor. The hope is to cultivate a wide view of, and interest in theatre and drama in general. The key focus of these workshops is on participation and development, so that each child fulfills the potential of his/her own creative instincts.

Every year Raenbow theatre students perform in the annual show at Kilmardinny Theatre, this unique show is written specifically for and by Raenbow Productions for the students of the children’s theatre classes.

Classes run on Monday and Tuesday evenings at the following times:

Class One Preparatory 6.10pm to 7.10pm
Class Two Junior 7.10pm to 8.10pm
Class Three Intermediate (11-13 years)
Class Four Senior (14+ years)
Vocal Performance Class 6.10pm to 7.05pm