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Raenbow theatre School is unique  - we are not looking to create the stars of tomorrow, we are not looking to push students on stage – we are dedicated to making sure each student grows in confidence and ability and that our students feel safe and enjoy every moment of their time at Raenbow. We are a community led children’s theatre company that is focused on making sure the students get the most out of each class.

Children's Theatre Classes: Class Outlines
Classes are split by age to allow students to progress and feel comfortable with-in their own age group. Each class is specifically designed to build on skills and techniques learned in the previous weeks, there is also a vocal performance option for those aged 8 and older.

Preparatory (5-7 years)
This lively class concentrates on teaching children the basics of drama. Theatre games are mixed with mime, music, movement and stagecraft to ensure that we slowly build the confidence of each student. There is one golden rule in Class One, and that is: Have fun!

Junior (8-10 years)
Class Two endeavors to enhance the skills learned in Class One. Each child's strengths and weaknesses are worked on to ensure that they progress as individuals as well as being part of a group. Improvisation forms an integral part of Class Two, as this encourages the children to use their imagination and helps them to develop their acting abilities. Scripted work is also introduced as we start working towards developing different characters.

Intermediate (11-13 years)
At this stage the children are concentrating on Performance, Voice Control, Movement, Music, and all other aspects of theatre work. Group discussions also play a big part as each student is encouraged to express themselves freely, to offer their own opinions and ideas and take more control of their own creative direction.
Senior (14+ years)
The work completed in this class is more advanced than the previous classes, with some students considering drama for further education. Added to the work of previous classes e.g. improvisation, mime, speech & drama, is writing and directing. The young people have the opportunity to perform their own scripts and follow this up with a detailed analysis of what they have done.

Vocal Performance (8+years)
This class was set up in response to the enthusiasm shown by students for our musical performances at annual shows. The aim of the class is to encourage confidence and develop the skills required for a vocal performance. Students are introduced to various types of music, requiring different kinds of vocal abilities and presentation skills.