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Raenbow Children's Theatre Testimonials

Well personally I'd say that the staff are amongst the most caring and friendly you could ever meet…my children are so proud to be part of the "sparkling Raenbow family".
Sharon Watters (Parent)

My 8 year old son has been attending Raenbow Productions for over 3 years and his
confidence, imagination and his 'entertainment factor' are superb. The drama teachers are
very patient and know how to interact with each individual child to ensure they enjoy the
drama and get the most out of it. Each week my son comes bouncing through the door
with a smile on his face. Thank you. I'm hoping to enrol my daughter too when she starts
school later this year!

Jackie McColl (Parent)

"Raenbow means fun for everyone!" Rebekah and Hannah Watters (Student)

"My daughter loves going to drama, I think all the teachers and older helpers are great
with the children, always full of praise for them and great at building up their confidence.
There is so much hard work put into the shows. Raenbow is one big family :) I look
forward to watching my daughter get her 10year trophy ... in 6 years time!!"

Donna Traynor (Parent)

"My two sons have enjoyed being part of Raenbow Productions Theatre School for many
years now. I have always looked forward to the yearly shows which have consistently
been fantastic professional productions, and thought provoking too. Many thanks to
Anne, Margot and everyone involved
". Sheila Macrae (Parent)

"I get excited going to drama, I have lots of friends. I like learning new songs and love
acting I wish there was more time. My teachers always make me feel good and I LOVE
show nights!!!"
Kayla McAnally (Student)

"I sent my son to Raenbow when he was five to have an activity which was not sport and
would be good fun and increase his confidence. Five years later both my boys are still
going to drama and love it. They love the fun of the weekly classes and the annual show
is a delight for all. I would recommend Raenbow to all parents thinking of an activity for
their child."
Lucy Stevenson (Parent)

"The Raenbow production shows are my favourite of all the out of school activities! They
make me laugh and cry in equal measures - so enjoyable! Very cleverly written, produced
and costumed! All of the children have a chance to participate and very obviously enjoy the whole experience
Fantastic!! Lynne Cohn (Parent)

"I attended Raenbow Productions for 11years. Raenbow provided me with a place where
my friends and I could meet on a weekly basis, not only to entertain ourselves, it is
thanks to Raenbow Productions that the friendships I made in primary and secondary
school have continued to grow because, although we all had our own groups in secondary
school, Raenbow gave us a place where we could come together and catch up.
Raenbow has given me invaluable confidence in myself and in my ability to speak
publically in front of large groups. I have found that whenever I take to the floor for a
university presentation, or when I had to do my 2-3 minute talks in secondary school, I
am reminded of my time on the stage and my nerves are immediately calmed. The classes
gave us a safe environment in which to perform our various sketches and to explore new
ways to express ourselves.

Raenbow gave me the opportunity to develop my leadership skills. I helped to teach the
younger students, aiding them with their sketches in class and performing with them in
the annual shows. This was a fantastic experience for me because it allowed me to get an
insight into the career I'm wishing to pursue: teaching.

We were also given the opportunity to play the role of the people behind the curtain, with
a few of us becoming directors and writers for some of the improvisations we performed
in class

I would like to thank Raenbow for opening us up to the Arts and the world of performing.
From the plays that were chosen , the shows we performed in to the music and dance
routines, it has been nothing less than a rollercoaster ride of colour and fun

"But I think the most important thing to know about Raenbow Productions is this – it is
fun, it is a good laugh and, honestly, there was nowhere else I would rather have been on
a Tuesday night than in Drama class with my mates at Raenbow!
" Kirsty Reid (Student)

“We have had 2 girls attend Raenbow for 12 years so we are now getting to the end of the journey.  Our girls have had the most wonderful time with opportunities to sing, improvise, enjoy weekly drama activities and end of year shows.  They’ve had opportunities for TV and Film work and competitions too.  However, more importantly they’ve had great fun, made lots of friends and improved in confidence along the way.  We have always loved the fact that at Raenbow it’s all about every child having an opportunity to have a voice and shine for a short time.  We don’t like the competitive “stage school” atmosphere and at Raenbow the emphasis is definitely on fun, energy, respect and confidence building.  Thanks to the wonderful team at Raenbow for all they have done to give our girls such a great experience.”  Evelyn & Stephen Hart (Parent)