Raenbow Awards
Crystal, Star & Beyond

Crystal Awards

The Crystal Award is presented to students who are moving on to further education and it is time for them to leave Raenbow. However, many return in a number of capacities; crewing for our shows; sound or lights; chaperoning; assisting at classes; performing in our concerts and also our Theatre In Education tours.

Star Awards

The Star Award was created in 2009 as Raenbow celebrated its 10th Anniversary. We were lucky to have a number of students who had been with us since day one. Therefore, it was decided, as this was a major achievement, we should give them an award to celebrate. Now every student who celebrates 10 years with Raenbow receives this award.

Beyond the Raenbow Award

We created this award to coincide with our 20th Anniversary. Awarded to those amazing people that have gone above and beyond to assist, in various ways, with Raenbow, for many years.


Elizabeth Lauder, Elizabeth Paul, Sheila Reid, Elaine Wilkie.

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