Theatre in Education

Raenbow Productions have been commissioned by various authorities, (e.g. NHS Fife; Glasgow City Council; Argyll & Bute Council; Smoking Concerns; NHS Highland; Have a heart Paisley), to develop a range of productions through its Theatre in Education department and are available to write bespoke productions, working with you to make sure each production meets your needs. Workshops can be designed in conjunction with the production and delivered by Raenbow's Theatre in Education team.

Our shows are performed by professional actors and singers. All are PVG checked. Raenbow have a number of productions available for both Primary and Secondary schools, covering a variety of topics. 
Primary schools - Healthy Eating; Oral Health; Exercise; Smoking;
Secondary schools – Smoking; Self-Harm; Sexting; Sexuality; Alcohol

Nutritional Alley Suitable for P1-P7

Nutritional Alley follows the lives of two best friends (Willie Drinkit and Freddy Fruitful). The boys like to think they are fit and healthy. They meet Lexi Exercise who is a fitness fanatic and plans to take over the world with her fitness empire. As the story unfolds we discover that Lexi too, has the wrong idea of what is necessary to keep us healthy and fit. Throughout the story they discover the benefits of Health Eating and exercise. With five lively songs including ‘Let’s Keep Fit’, ‘Hungry for Success’ and ‘Wanna be Cool’, this is a fun, colourful and exciting show full of healthy information and facts to attract children to the benefits of a better way of eating and living.

Nutritional Alley – The sequel Suitable for P1-P7

Once again we meet Willie Drinkit, Freddy Fruitful and Lexi Exercise. Everyone seems to be happy and healthy in Nutritional Alley, but one of the friends is carrying a dark secret. As the show unfolds we see how the other two join forces to solve the mystery. They also recruit some famous friends to assist them including Doctor Who, Elvis and the heroes of Mission Impossible. As if this wasn’t exciting enough, we also have five blockbuster songs including ‘Big Breakfast Boogie’, Happier Life Healthier Heart’ and ‘Sunshine in your smile’ to help the tale along.

Enjoy the fun of it all again as our intrepid trio teach us that ‘A Healthier today means a Healthier tomorrow’.

Adds oral health to theme of healthy eating.

Smoke Free Generation Suitable for P6 & P7

Jake and Penny are friends and live in Bonnyville a place where no one smokes. Whilst going through their daily chores they meet Maurice Beaureax who is recruiting for a very specific group. Penny is at first enticed by this until she finds out the group is ‘Smokers’. Their friend Philip has already been taken in by the very sophisticated Mo. The duo with the help of the audience not only convince Philip the error of his ways, but also make sure Mo gets the message. A great interactive show with fabulous songs including 'Pets don’t smoke’, ‘It’s getting better’ and ‘Smoke Free Generation’.

You are not alone Suitable for S3

Raising awareness of issues facing young people. Molly is outwardly a happy girl, Joel is the self-styled cool dude, Rob is extraordinarily talented and has a privileged life. Each has a secret. This dramatic, honest, but also humourous piece will centre around these characters and highlight their individual problems, including Peer Pressure & Acceptance; Sexual Orientation & Approval; Self-Harm & Control, with the omnipresent influence of Social Media casting a shadow throughout. Using dramatic scenarios, the purpose of the piece is to inform S3. Making the problems real, we can illustrate how they can be dealt with using the services available and/or teachers; parents; friends. You are never alone. Including direct discussion with S3, within the piece, internal vignettes focus on a point in their story, thus informing our audience of possible outcomes of direct action or no action at all.

The young people will be better informed on issues and local services available and ready to use them if needed. Consequently, giving them the confidence to express or confide their fears and anxieties to someone else.
What will Molly, Joel and Rob do?
What would you do?
Don’t suffer in silence.

Smoke Free Suitable for P6 & P7

Claire and Willie are friends looking forward to spending the summer together. They are healthy, happy young vibrant teenagers.  During the holiday they meet Ziggy who thinks he’s a cool dude because he smokes.  With the help of Uncle Vesta’s time machine they take Ziggy on a journey he will never forget.  He meets Tobacco Lords, Scientists and his own future self!  
This show is quite hard hitting and very interactive, involving the audience at every available moment. It has proved a massive hit with audiences and teachers alike.  Includes great new songs ‘Make Smoking History’, ‘Keep it to yourself’ and ‘Being Smoke Free’.

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